Issue № 3. 2019.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.Last news
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Analytical review

Bolshakov V. N.Shvartz ecological rule – a look through decades
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4 - 11

Original research

Anufriev A. I., Yadrihinsky V. F.Tеmperature regulation of hibernation processes in long-tailed gopher Spermophilus undulatus Pallas, 1778
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12 - 23
Gavrilko D. E., Zolotareva T. V., Shurganova G. V.Species structure of zooplankton communities in the thickets of higher aquatic plants in a small river (on the example of the river Serezha of the Nizhny Novgorod region)
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24 - 39
Lyubin P. A., Berdnik S. V., Lyubarsky D. S.River zooplankton communities of Naberezhnye Chelny
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40 - 49
Magomedov M. D.Structural and functional organization of the population of Kazakh argali (Ovis ammon collium Severtzov,1873) in the Central part of the Kazakh Upland
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50 - 62
Pristova T. A.Dynamics of tree vegetation in deciduous forest after harvesting (middle taiga subzone, Republic of Komi)
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63 - 73
Puzachenko A. Y.Diversity of regional complexes of mammals in Europe at the boundary between Pleistocene and Holocene
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74 - 100
Tarasova O. V., Sukhovolsky A. A., Soldatov V. V., Sukhovolsky V. G.Temporal and spatial conjugacy of the development of xylophage insects outbreaks in the forests of Krasnoyarsk Region
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101 - 122
Tokranov A. M.Trophic groups of the sculpins (Cottidae) in the waters near Kamchatka
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123 - 132
Fokina A. I., Domracheva L. I., Ogorodnikova S. Y.Influence of cyanobacterium Nostoc paludosum and its exometabolites on barley growth
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133 - 143
Fomina Y., Syarki M. T.The life cycle of the copepod Thermocyclops oithonoides (Sars, 1863) in Lake Onega
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144 - 154

Methods of ecological investigations

Agarkova-Lyakh I. V., Sibirtsova E. N.Adaptation of a method of the granulometric analysis for studying of microplastic pollution of deposits of a coastal zone of the sea
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155 - 162

Letters to editors

Cherlin V. A.THE STUDY OF THE THERMAL BIOLOGY OF REPTILES IN THE WORLD AND IN THE USSR/RUSSIA 1. The study of the thermal biology of reptiles in foreign countries
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163 - 179