Issue № 1. 2020.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.At a crossroads
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Original research

Baturina M., Kononova O., Elsakov V.Hydrobiological parameters of tributaries of the Vychegda River basin in different units of landscape division
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4 - 26
Bodnar I. S., Cheban E. V.The effect of 24-epibrassinolide on growth rates, level of oxidative stress and photosynthetic pigments in little duckwood (Lemna minor L.) after exposure to heavy metals
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27 - 42
Wakker V.Ecological issues of the nematode Rhabdias bufonis (Nematoda: Rhabdiasidae) in the steppe of the Republic of Kazakhstan
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43 - 67
Ivanter E.On the study of the equal-toothed shrew (Sorex isodon Turov) in the north-western periphery of its range
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68 - 83
Kurbatov A., Sonina A. V.Growth and age assessment of epilithic lichen Protoparmeliopsis muralis (Schreb.) M. Choisy in southern Karelia
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84 - 94
Matrosova S. V., Kuchko T. Y., Zorina A. A.The White-Sea Navaga infestation with nematodes of the Anisakidae family
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95 - 107
Parkhomenko A. N.Indication of the ecological status of urban soils based on some chemical and microbiological indicators (on the example of Astrakhan)
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108 - 120
Chueva A. V., Gelashvili D. B., Yakimov V. N., Bragazin A. A., Mukhanov A. V.Сomprehensive craniological analysis of geographically remote muskrat populations (Ondatra zibethicus Linnaeus, 1766)
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121 - 135
Chulisov A., Konstantinov E., Vongsa T.Analysis of the asymmetry of folidosis of the flat-tailed house gecko Hemidactylus platyruus (Schneider, 1792) (Reptilia, Sauria, Gekkonidae) on the territory of cities of South-East Asia (Vientiane, Phnom penh, Bangkok)
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136 - 148