Issue № 1. 2022.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.New start
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Original research

Artemyev A., Tolstoguzov A.Age structure of the Great Tit (Parus major) breeding population in different types of habitats in the taiga zone of European Russia
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4 - 15
Zima Y. A., Fedorenko V. A.Distribution of snakes of the vipera family Viperidae in Kazakhstan and modeling of their potential ranges
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16 - 46
Ivanter E. V., Moiseeva E. A.Materials for the study of the ecology of the common shrew (Sorex caecutiens laxm.) in the European part of its range. Message 1. Abundance and biotopic distribution
Displays: 1167; Downloads: 883;
47 - 67
Kochetkova A. I., Bryzgalina E. S., Filippov O. V., Baranova M. S.DYNAMICS OF OVERGROWTH OF THE VOLGOGRAD RESERVOIR (1972–2018)
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68 - 73
Massalimov I., Akhmetshin B. S., Mustafin A., Burkitbaev M., Urakaev F.Antifungal properties of sulfur nanoparticles in and its importance in modern crop production
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74 - 81
Melnikova E. B., Melnikov A. V.Determination of rhythmic patterns of pelagic community functioning by the Fourier transform method
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82 - 91
Polynova G. V., Mishustin S. S., Polynova O. E.Spatial structure of the spotted toad agama (Phrynocephalus guttatus guttatus, Agamidae) population in the conditions of overgrowth of semi-deserts in the Astrakhan region
Displays: 1276; Downloads: 891;
92 - 110
Shaposhnikova L. M., Rachkova N. G., Glyad V. M., Muzakka T. N., Tarankova E. V.Speciation of uranium-series radionuclides in the leaf litter of willow family trees
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111 - 122


Kurhinen J. P.Joint Species Distribution Modelling
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123 - 125