Issue № 5. 2016.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.Some results
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Original research

Kamardin N. N., Lyubimtsev V. A., Kholodkevich S. V.Model studies of the effect of aerosol wastewater emissions on terrestrial mollusks Achatina fulica
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4 - 16
Kochetkova A. I., Filippov O. V., Baranova M. S.Ecological and floristic characteristics of higher aquatic plants in Volgograd reservoir
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17 - 29
Romanova E. B., Nikolaev V. Y., Solomajkin E. I., Bakiev A. G., Gorelov R. A.Assessment of leukocygram of Vipera berus from Samara region
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30 - 45
Simonov S. A., Matantseva M. V.Preliminary results of the comparative analysis of the mass, size and thermal insulation of Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) nests in the center and north of the breeding range
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46 - 55
Tikhonova E., Kotelyanets E. A., Solov O. V.Evaluation of the contamination level of sea bottom sediments on the Crimean coast of the Black and Azov Seas
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56 - 70
Sharov A., Andreeva I.Spatio-temporal organization of phytoplankton in Peipsi Lake
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71 - 80

Methods of ecological investigations

Kozhevnikov A., Kosyakov D., Varakin E., Majorov I.Development of the experimental hardware and software complex for environmental monitoring of pollution of the Arctic territory with dangerous chemical elements and compounds
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81 - 90

Letters to editors

Linnik Y.In memory of Olga Ivanova-Kazas (15 December 1913 – 17 January 2015)
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91 - 96