Issue № 3. 2022.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.Despite
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Original research

Barbazyuk E.Steppe Russian-Kazakh border zone as an area of increased mortality of Red Book diurnal birds of prey on powerlines (on the example of administrative provinces of the Volga-Ural region)
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4 - 16
Ivanter E.To the population ecology of the masked mouse (Sorex caecutience laxm.) in the European part of its area. Communication II. Territorialism, habitat areas. Feeding ecology.
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17 - 30
Lazareva G., Shakhova N., Anisimova O.Assessment of the inflow of pollutants into the Uglich reservoir with surface runoff from the coastal territory
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31 - 42
Pristova T. A.Carbon content in plants of the middle taiga deciduous forest of the Komi Republic
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43 - 49
Rumyantsev D. E., Vorobyeva N. S.Geographical features of the dynamics of radial growth of aspen in certain regions of the Russian plain
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50 - 60
Skugoreva S. G., Domracheva L. I., Kutyavina T. I., Abdukhallilov O. M., Zabubenina J. S., Ashikhmina T. Y.Assessment of toxicity of soil contaminated with benz[a]pyrene
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61 - 69
Shitikov V. K., Zinchenko T. D., Golovatyuk L. V.Assessment of critical levels of pollution of water bodies based on the statistical distribution of the occurrence of macrozoobenthos species
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70 - 77


Artemyev A.Birds of the Kivach Nature Reserve
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78 - 80

Letters to editors

Korosov A. V.Grass snake moves to the North
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81 - 84