Issue № 3. 2018.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.New steps
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Original research

Adamova V. V., Snegin E. A., Barkhatov A. S.Demographic and spatial structure of invasive xerophilous snails colonies in the territory of Belgorod
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4 - 12
Belkin V. V., Ilyukha V. A., Khizhkin E. A., Fyodorov F. V., Morozov A. V., Yakimova A. E.Species diversity and distribution of Chiroptera (Vespertilionidae) in Karelia
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13 - 23
Gorbach V.On the estimation of the absolute population size from the distribution of captures in the MRR-experiment on the example of the fritillary butterflies of genus Boloria (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)
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24 - 33
Zolotaryov K., Mikhailova M., Nakhod K., Mikhailov A.Algorithm to analyse distribution of heavy metals in fish tissues on the example of northern pike
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34 - 47
Kolbin V., Gilyov A.Similarities and differences in floodplain bird communities of the Urals and the Amur basin on the example of three nature reserves
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48 - 59
Sergazinova Z. M., Dupal T. A., Litvinov Y. N., Erzhanov N. T., Konarbaeva G. A.Impact of emissions of aluminum production in Northern Kazakhstan on the species structure and nature of fluorine accumulation in small mammals
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60 - 74
Tashlykova N. A.Composition and structure of phytoplankton in the coastal and central parts of Arakhley Lake (Zabaikalsky territory) in spring and summer 2017
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75 - 90
Fomina Y., Syarki M.Life cycle of the copepod Eudiaptomus gracilis (Sars, 1863) in Lake Onega
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91 - 102

Letters to editors

Cherlin V. A.Ivan Dmitrievich Strelnikov. Part 1. An amazing life
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103 - 148