Issue № 4. 2022.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.Our results of the year
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Original research

Afonina E. Y., Tashlykova N. A.Characteristics of hydrobiocenoses of water bodies in the Amazar river basin
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4 - 24
Bazhenova O. P., Kosterova V. V., Laptev N. I.On the issue of using the UN methodology to assess forest resources as an active part of the natural capital of the Omsk region in the context of sustainable development
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25 - 33
Ganyushina N. D., Korosov A. V., Litvinov N. A., Chetanov N. A.Comparison of thermoregulation parameters of grass snake and common viper
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34 - 43
Ivanter E. V.On the population ecology of the common shrew (Sorex caecutiens Laxm.) in the European part of the range. Message III. Reproduction, demographic structure of the population, molting, population dynamics
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44 - 62
Raskosha O. V., Karmanov A. P., Kocheva L. S.Features of radiation and chemical effects on the thyroid gland of small mammals
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63 - 75
Romanova E. B., Stolyarova I. A., Bakiev A. G., Gorelov R. A.Population-ecological aspects of adaptive reactions of the Emys orbicularis (Reptilia: Emydidae) blood system during invasion
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76 - 91
Tlass M. M., Alhendavi Z., Vershinin V. L.Reactions of the lake frog Pelophylax cf. Bedriagae on the chemical composition of the aquatic habitat in Ekaterinburg
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92 - 97

Methods of ecological investigations

Cherlin V. A., Okshtein I. L., Alieva S. Z., Magomedova A. M.Estimation of the number of the toad-headed agama (Phrynocephalus mystaceus) and the stepperunner (Eremias arguta) on the Sarykum dunes and their surroundings (Dagestan Republic, Russian Federation)
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98 - 114


Rozenberg G. S.Ecology calendar
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115 - 116