Issue № 4. 2019.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.Summary
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Original research

Andreev V. P., Belyaeva K. V., Sobolev P. S., Shoshin A. A., Mochalina D. A., Malysheva S. F., Volkova T. O.Thrombotic properties of some nitrogen-containing substances
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4 - 22
Berchenko I. V., Zimina O. L.Discovery of Jaschnovia brevis (Farran, 1936) in the Barents Sea and its peculiarities of spatial distribution
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23 - 31
Gashev S. N., Sorokina N. V., Korovina T. Y.Morphotypical variability of the chewing surface of the M3 tooth Myodes rutilus Pallas, 1779 (Arvicolinae, Rodentia) in the Middle Ob area of the Tyumen Region
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32 - 44
Kulagina V. I., Sungatullina L. M., Tagirov R. M., Ryazanov S. S., Khisamova A. M.Selection of microbiological indicators to perform an integrated ecological-and-biological assessment of waterlogged soils
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45 - 56
Lyanguzova I., Barcan V.Comparative analysis of the level of pollution of the organogenic horizon of Al-Fe-podzols and bog soils in the local impact zone of the copper-nickel plant
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57 - 68
Titova K., Kokryatskaya N., Zhibareva T., Zhaharova E.Features of sulfate reduction and accumulation of reduced sulfur compounds in freshwater shallow lake Nazarovskoe (Arkhangelsk region)
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69 - 80
Fomicheva E. M., Gorulev P. A.Resistance of freshwater gastropod mollusk Melanoides granifera to the effect of low temperatures
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81 - 90

Letters to editors

Kolbin V.The absolute inviolability of nature reserves - a dream that has not come true
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91 - 95
Cherlin V. A.Study of the reptile thermobiology in the world and in the USSR/the Russian Federation 2. Studies of the reptile thermobiology in the USSR/the Russian Federation
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96 - 132


Korosov A. V.Culture? Ecological?
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133 - 134