Issue № 4. 2018.

From the editorial board

Korosov A. V.Results 2018
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Analytical review

Rozenberg G. S.Fractal methods of the analysis of a community structure
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4 - 43

Original research

Vakker V.The parasitic system of the nematode Oswaldocruzia filiformis (Strongylida: Molineidae) in Kazakhstan
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44 - 64
Vysotskaya R. U., Buey E. A., Murzina S. A., Nemova N. N.Acid hydrolases of lysosomes in the adaptive reactions of herring Clupea pallasi marisalbi Berg (Clupeidae) from different bays of the White Sea
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65 - 76
Dubrovina I., Yurkevich M., Sidorova V., Bogdanova T.Impact of different fractions and dosages of bio-char on some agrophysical properties of soddy-podzolic soils
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77 - 88
Makarova T., Shitikov D.Natal and breeding dispersal of the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava in Russky Sever National Park (Vologda region)
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89 - 96
Popov S.Elements of meta-community structure of birds on the border of South taiga and forest-steppe of Trans-Urals (Russia): the effect of the environment gradient, spatial processes and interspecific competition
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97 - 119
Rybakov D. S.Chemical elements in the soils and macromycetes of the urban area of Petrozavodsk
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120 - 137
Sedelnikova N. V., Ravkin Y. S., Tsybulin S. M., Chesnokova S. V.The territorial variability of the lichen biota of West Siberia (compared to other communities)
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138 - 155