Baranovskiy A., Ivanov E. Features of reproductive biology of robins (Euithacus rubecula) in anthropogenic habitats (for example, the city of Ryazan) // Principy èkologii. 2017. № 4. P. 17‒25. DOI: 10.15393/

Issue № 4

Original research


Features of reproductive biology of robins (Euithacus rubecula) in anthropogenic habitats (for example, the city of Ryazan)

PhD, Modern technical university,
   Evgeny Sergeevich
FGBOU VO "Ryazan' S.A.Esenin State University ",
reproductive biology
anthropogenic landscape
Summary: In this article we discuss the difference of basic aspects of the reproductive biology of robins in natural and man-made habitats in the Ryazan' region. It is shown that robins have a number of anthropogenic transformations of nesting biology. Some of them are adaptable; others are ecological traps for synanthropic populations. It assumes the adaptability of certain aspects of behavior, such as high anthropotolerance as well as trophic associations with man and technology. In nesting behavior the most important anthropogenic transformation is the transition to the use of anthropogenic shelters. Differences in the nesting stereotype reflect a different quality of urban individuals, which suggests the existence of a special synanthropic population of gerbils, relatively isolated from the "wild" birds.

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Received on: 22 August 2017
Published on: 21 December 2017


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