Filonenko I., Komarova A. Long-term dynamics of overgrowing area with coastal aquatic vegetationin in the Lake Vozhe // Principy èkologii. 2015. № 4. P. 63‒72. DOI: 10.15393/

Issue № 4

Original research


Long-term dynamics of overgrowing area with coastal aquatic vegetationin in the Lake Vozhe

State Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries,
State Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries,
coastal aquatic vegetation
geographic information system GIS
sensing data of the Earth
IsoCluster Unsupervised Classification
Summary: The aim of the research was to reveal the long-term trends in overgrowing the Lake Vozhe with coastal aquatic vegetation using the methods of spatial analysis based on satellite imageries. The results are to be used as a preliminary map for the verification of plant groups in the field conditions. The analysis of the images obtained from 1976 to 2014 showed that the area of the lake basin overgrown with helophytes had not changed. Coastal aquatic vegetation annually develops in the same areas. The composition of the dominant species of the main plant groups was the same for several years. The trend to increasing the area of overgrowing with helophytes was not found. The area of the lake that is overgrown with helophytes is 10.7%. The received classification of distribution of the vegetation in the Lake Vozhe are the basis for hydrobiological researches and the analysis of the fishery value of the water reservoir.

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Reviewer: S. Znamenskiy
Reviewer: V. Antipin
Received on: 28 November 2015
Published on: 15 March 2016


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