Danilyan E., Belozerskaya O., Golenko A., Bazhova A. Objective computerized approaches for centralized geophysical and geochemical landscape project planning. // Principy èkologii. 2013. № 3. P. 4‒22. DOI: 10.15393/j1.art.2013.2981

Issue № 3

Analytical review


Objective computerized approaches for centralized geophysical and geochemical landscape project planning.

   Eugene Andreevich
MPSU, eugenjournal@gmail.com
   Olga Denisovna
-, eugenjournal@gmail.com
   Alexander Sergeevich
MPSU, eugenjournal@gmail.com
   Anna Viktorovna
MPSU, eugenjournal@gmail.com
ecological design
centralized planning
landscape design

landscape geochemistry
Summary: At present landscape design does not represent a scientific subject in strict sense, being a superposition of decorative and applied landscape art and the methods of graphic architectural planning. Serving interests of customers, it does not harmonize with the individual needs of the ground based on landscape geochemistry and ecology. Hence, it results in great number of grounds not consistent with each other according to geochemical criteria. In many cases total soil changing, isolation of natural hydrodynamic drainage, introduction of exotic plants interacting with their environment (including abiotic relations) take place, it results in disequilibrium in the ground. Ecological system efficiency needs to be constantly artificially maintained, and that does not support its stability. In other words, without maintaining sufficient conditions, it will be influenced by succession with the course of time, as a particular case of potential gradient equalization. Hence, at present there is an acute problem to develop such a concept of landscape design, that, covering ecological requirements of customers, would be mass one, not producing gradient isolation effect and ecologically self-sustaining in given environment at the same time. It is evident, that to meet these requirements, this concept should not be the product of subjective vision of the author, but direct consequence of geophysical and geochemical landscape condition with theoretical development allowing calculation testing at any scale of geographical zoning.

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Reviewer: A. Markovsky
Reviewer: A. A. Prokhorov
Received on: 19 December 2013
Published on: 22 January 2014

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