Podgornaya M., Tarasova V., Markovskaya N., Markovskaya E. Valuable forest territories of Petrozavodsk municipal district // Principy èkologii. 2013. № 1. P. 51‒61. DOI: 10.15393/j1.art.2013.2041

Issue № 1

Original research


Valuable forest territories of Petrozavodsk municipal district

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urban forests
valuable forest territories
anthropogenic violation
rational planning
Summary: The value of plant associations , which is based on 182 geobotanical descriptions of natural forest associations was estimated in Petrozavodsk municipal district using the methods of GIS-technology and component analysis. 3 types of associations were defined: minimally , moderately and strongly disturbed ones. It was shown that the contribution of the remaining intact plant associations into the plant covering of Petrozavodsk is from 5 to 13 %. It is suggested using these data for the planning of urban area development and for the ecological framework of the city.

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Received on: 15 February 2013
Published on: 11 May 2013

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